Lilyfield House
7 November 2016

Lilyfield House 2015

The conventional sequence of domestic spaces – bedrooms, living, kitchen, dining – are warped to fit this oddly shaped site in Lilyfield. Bedrooms and bathrooms occupy the existing home; living, dining and kitchen occupy a new large singular room that simply bends to makes sense of the site geometry. The curve of the room tracks with the sun to maximise solar access and highlight the changing characteristics of light throughout the day. Interstitial spaces between the existing boundary walls and the curving room are flooded by the backyard garden. The experience from inside, through the continuous 15m long curving window is one of immersion in the now omnipresent garden. Experiences in the large single living space are modulated by the differing garden views; some areas are shaded, dark and cool; others are bright, fragrant and warm. This small and simple addition to the existing family home seeks to facilitate as many differing sensory experiences in a single space as possible.